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About this Site

Wow… I am speechless… Out of 30 million web pages out there on the Internet, you decided to visit the Digital Me-Mix site. Unless you tell me, it’s almost impossible to say how and why you got to this site. Could have been these web search engines meta tags… Nah, they never work for me. I am always getting this number 86,936 of  one’s 123,751 search results.

Whatever your visit reason is, I am honored by your interest and definitely owe you some explanation on what this Me-Mix is about and what you might find or not find on the site. So, here it goes…

Digital Me-Mix is a personal web site or, what one might call POV type of a site. POV stands for "point of view" and it’s one of those abbreviations that people seem to love nowadays. ASAP and ASP, CIO and CIA, URL and HTML, PC and BC, UN and UK, DNS and PMS, DVD and BVD… They are all over. This site is not an exception. It’s my POV in HTML with its own URL in WWW. Hope you know what I mean.

Digital Me-Mix is also some kind of abbreviation. It’s a mixture of me. Me in a mix within the browser. It has two main parts, two pictures of me – picture perfect and picture imperfect. Not quite Jeckyl and Hyde but, as everyone in this world, we all have our ups and downs. The first picture is called Strictly Business. Supposedly, this section will give you 879 reasons to hire an extraordinary new media professional (me, of course – who else?) with exceptional skills in web development and design.

Strictly Personal is completely different. It has nothing to do with work and might give a completely opposite direction (hopefully, potential clients will still hire me – why not?). Anyway, Strictly Personal is about me again. Overall, the site is extremely egocentric. Me’s and mine’s are all over. Initially, I wanted to use more of catchier names like Bill Gates or Donald Trump but natural instinct and fear of legal trials prevented me from that. Hope you don’t mind. Besides, I haven’t seen a lot of sites about myself.

Other than that, Happy Browsing and thank you for your time. Here goes this Digital Me-Mix in the Browser.


Arthur R. Chidlovski


About This SiteStrictly BusinessStrictly PersonalContactHome


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