In addition to the details on the national Team USSR players and coaches, games and tournaments, all-time top lists and other international teams that faced Team CCCP in 1954-1991, the Hockey CCCP International provides a variety of related encyclopedic information on Team USSR and international hockey overall.

The Miscellaneous Info section of the site presents a collection facts and stats, links and references and many other resources not covered in the main sections of the site.

:: SNAP SHOTS: Something Else About Team CCCP

 Hockey CCCP International   More Facts and Stats

:: All-Time Best CCCP Lines: A complete analysis of the top Team USSR Lines from 1954 to 1991 including legendary troykas' line-ups, tournaments, games, individual stats by linemates and more.
:: Team USSR Achievements: A complete package with year-by-year and tournament-by-tournament team and players statistics and medal trackers of major international tournaments in 1954-1991.
:: Team USSR and Hockey Hall of Fame: Listings of Team CCCP players inducted into the Russian HHOF, IIHF HHOF and, of course, the Toronto HHOF.
:: Team CCCP Players in the NHL: Awards, achievements, history of the NHL entry draft, customized statistics reports and more on the Team USSRgraduates in the NHL.
:: In Memory of Those Who Are No Longer With Us: Listing of the deceased 1954-1991 Team CCCP players and coaches.
:: Hockey CCCP Help Needed: Care to share the pictures of the players or find some of the data that is either missing, requires corrections or needs to be updated?
:: About the Project: Description of the site history, technical environment and, of course, special credits and aknowledgements of many individuals and organizations for their contribution to the project.

More at chidlovski.com:
:: The Best Hockey Lines: Top lists of the best hockey lines@chidlovski.com and more based on research studies conducted within the Summit in 1974 Plus project.
:: Hockey Personalities: On-line essays on hockey coaches, players, broadcasters, organizers written for the The Summit in 1972: Impressions @chidlovski.com.
:: Hockey Teams: Collection of articles about top international hockey teams of the 1970s based on statistics, top lists, polls and other resources conducted for the The Summit in 1972: Impressions @chidlovski.com
:: The Series : Articles on the impact that the early USSR vs. Canada Series had on both nations, hockey fans and the "coolest game on earth" overall written for the The Summit in 1972: Impressions @chidlovski.com

 Hockey CCCP    References and Bibliography


:: Valery Kharlamov and Oleg Spassky, Hokkei: Moia Stihiya (Hockey Is My Nature), Ogonyok, Moscow, 1977
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:: Andrew Podnieks (ed.), Kings of the Ice: A History of World Hockey, NDE Publishing, Richmond Hill, 2002

 International Hockey    Links and On-Line Resources


- Online Periodicals, Newspapers and Magazines
:: Спорт-Экспресс (Sport Express)
:: Советский Спорт (Sovetsky Sport)

- Special Projects
:: Наш Хоккей (Our Hockey)
:: Щелчок (The Slapshot by Vadim Kazakov)
:: Хоккей на Куличках (Kulichki's Hockey)
:: Звёзды с Востока (The Stars from the East by Dmitry Popov)


- International and General Hockey Links
:: IIHF: International Ice Hockey Federation
:: NHL: National Hockey League
:: European Hockey
:: Inside Hockey
:: A to Z: Encyclopedia of Ice Hockey

- Hockey Halls of Fame and Museums
:: HHOF: Hockey Hall of Fame (Toronto, Canada)
:: IIHF: Hockey Hall of Fame (Zurich, Switzerland)
:: US Hockey Hall of Fame (Eveleth, MN, USA)
:: International Hockey Museum (Kingston, ON, Canada)
:: Slovakian Hockey Hall of Fame (Bratislava, Slovakia)
:: Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame (Tampere, Finland)
:: German Hockey Hall of Fame (Augsburg, Germany)

- Hockey Stats and Databases
:: Internet Hockey Database by Ralph Slate
:: European Hockey
:: Stats Hockey
:: Planet Hockey
:: Rauzulu's Street

- Hockey Research Groups and Associations
:: SIHR: Society for International Hockey Research
:: HRA: Hockey Research Association
:: HRA: Hockey History Mailing List

- Special Projects
:: September to Remember by Joe Pelletier and Pat Houda
:: The World Cup of Hockey by Joe Pelletier and Pat Houda
:: Canada Versus The Soviet Union by Clayton Self
:: International Hockey Fan by Jeremy Jackson
:: The CzechPoint by Fredrik Lindahl
:: The Summit in 1972 by Arthur Chidlovski
:: The Summit in 1974 Plus by Arthur Chidlovski

- Russian and Soviet Hockey
:: Russian Rocket by George Samoilov
:: Russian Hockey by Dan Pavic (ed.)
:: Legends of Soviet Hockey by Alexander Nikandrov

:: Hockey Canada
:: National Library of Canada
:: Hockey: A Nation's Passion
:: Slam! Sports - Hockey

:: Czech Hockey
:: Hokejove Statistiky by Milan Masek
:: eSports by Michal Berg (ed.)

:: Swedish Hockey

:: Finnish Ice Hockey Association
:: Finnish Hockey League
:: Hockey Lehti

:: Hockey Archives

:: Unione Sovietica e Russia (by Stefano Quaino)




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