The Hockey CCCP International was originally launched in February 2004. The project is dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of Team USSR on the international arena.

Unlike the other hockey projects at chidlovski.com, the Hockey CCCP International is less of its author's personal view on the game and hockey personalities. It is rather a historical retrospective based on the facts and stats about all games, coaches and players that represeneted Team CCCP (Cyrillic acronym for the U.S.S.R.) from 1954 to 1991. And, like in the other hockey projects at chidlovski.com, no hockey league, no federation, no specific product, no political system are being intentionally endorsed by this project.


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The site is an in-house production by chidlovski.com. Content research, database development, web programming and design were done by the project's author with the use of the following technologies and production environment:
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 Hockey CCCP International   Project Credits

Although the majority of technical, statistical and content research and implementation was done by its author, The site would have never become a reality without a vital contribution of several individuals and organizations.

The author would like to express his special thanks to:
- Rudy Limeback from r937.com for his valuable input and consultation on database design and architecture. Who else could provide better consulting on hockey database but a world-known database guru and a life-long Toronto Maple Leafs fan?
- Vadim Kazakov from Щелчок (The Slapshot) for his contribution and quality research on Russian and Soviet Hockey from 1954 to today. Who else could provide better input to the site about Russian hockey but one of the pioneers of web-based hockey projects from Moscow, Russia?
- David Mozeshtam for his contribution and sharing of his collection of truly unique Russian hockey resources. Is there a need to double check any information provided by a researcher whose game memories are so similar to yours, including the best club to be a fan of?
- Alexander Nikandrov of Legends of Soviet Hockey for one of the most consistent and dedicated research and sharing of an impressive collection of Russian hockey resources. Are there any geographical limits for the memories and appreciation of THE GAME?
- My wife Sue Chidlovski who doesn't follow THE GAME but put up with endless hours spent on site development. Are there any other family members out there who sacrifice more for the sake of some project about THE GAME?

Special thanks also go to the Society for International Hockey Research, Hockey Research Association, Hockey History Mailing List and 1972 Summit Series Mailing List. Who else can be a better inspiration for a project about Soviet hockey but groups of mostly North American hockey experts?

For various contributions and support of the site, special thanks go to the following individuals (in alphabetical order): Lloyd Davis, Ernie Fitzsimmons, Iain Fyffe, Martin Harris, David Holland, Morey Holzman, Patrick Houda, Gordon Jennings, Jason Kasiorek, Keith Lenn, Rob Matic, Joseph Nieforth, Joe Pelletier, Karl-Eric Reif, Larry Robertson, Howard Rosenthal, David Stewart-Candy, Bill Swift, Sebastien Tremblay, Bill Underwood and Mike Wyman. Who else could deserve more credit for a historical hockey project but a group of top-notch hockey experts with a long-term commitment on selecting truly the best of the best of THE GAME?

The site author is grateful to Dan Ammann, Zdenek Benes, Michal Berg, Andrey Grin, Mike Ewer, Artyom Kuznetsov, Frank Liebmann, Marcus Lindroos, Leonid Makarovsky, Jean-Patrice Martel, Milan Masek, Dan Pavic, Stefano Quaino, Simon Richard, George Samoilov, Todd Trulli, Craig Wallace and Sergey Zatsepin. Did I forget someone while trying to display the names in alphabetical order?



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