TIMELINE: International Games by Team USSR
:: First game: USSR 6 Finland 1 in Tampere, Finland
:: Last game: USSR 2 Sweden 2 in Frankfurt, Germany

The Hockey CCCP International web project is a tribute to the national hockey team of the Soviet Union, one of the most memorable phenomenon in the world hockey history. Unlike the other hockey projects at chidlovski.com, this site is less of an author's personal view on the game and the players. It is rather a historical retrospective based on the facts and stats about all games, coaches and players that represeneted Team CCCP (Cyrillic acronym for the USSR) from 1954 to 1991. And, like in the other hockey projects at chidlovski.com, no hockey league, no federation, no specific product, no political system are being intentionally endorsed by this project.


Find out who is who among the Soviet players in the history of international hockey. This section allows to generate customised all time top lists, statistical reports based on your criteria choices and more.


This section features information about all games played by Team CCCP throughout its history from 1954 to 1991. Search and view each game team rosters, box scores and game summaries, generate lists of the games at various tournaments, seasons and more.


Featuring detailed information on all head coaches and assistant coaches that worked with Team CCCP on the international arena. Search for coaches' individual career statistics, facts from their biographies and more.


Generate information on all players that represented Team CCCP on the international arena. View players' career statistics, highlights of their international career, list of their awards, biographies and much more.


Additional information about Team CCCP in 1954-1991 including such special features as Team USSR International Tournaments Medal Trackers, All-Time Top CCCP Lines, Soviet Players in the NHL, Help Wanted Info, Tribute To the Players That Are No Longer With Us, HHOFs, References, Links, Site Info and much more.


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Unforgettable moments of the world hockey of the 1970s captured in educational mini web clips with commentaries and game analysis by guest speakers including legendary players, coaches, writers and more.

The Summit in 1972
Personal tribute to the 1972 Summit Series between Team USSR and Canada, one of the most fascinating sports spectacles of the 20th century.

The Summit in 1974
Historical overview of the second encounter between Team USSR and Canada and of the development of international hockey in the 1970s.


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