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In September 1972, Team Canada and Team USSR took part in the Summit Series between the best hockey powers in the world. This epic event became one of the most fascinating sports spectacles of the XX century. Its magnitude was so huge that many distinguished authors wrote numerous books and research papers, created films and web sites about the Summit.

As we grow older, we tend to realize how we relate to what younger people call "HISTORY". In 1972, I was just a little kid in Russia where hockey is considered sport # 1. Everybody loved hockey. But, it was the Summit that made me an avid fan of the game.

I am too old to think that the last playoffs were the best games ever played in the hockey history. And I am too young to say that the best game is over. I love the game of hockey but the appeal of the Summit to me is not limited to the game per se. Obviously, the 1972 Summit had a tremendous impact on hockey. As a matter of fact, I think it changed the game. But, I have no ambitions to create the best site pretending to capture all these changes.

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The Summit in 1972 is a personal web site. It is rather about one of the biggest experiences in my life that went well beyond hockey. The Summit taught me something about winning and loosing, courage and dedication, pride and honor, respect and appreciation. For me as a kid growing up in Russia in the 1970s, it was a glimpse of life outside the Iron Curtain. In a way, it helped me to better understand myself, to see a bigger picture and to become the one who I am now.

The Summit in 1972 is my personal tribute to the 1972 Super Series. It is dedicated to the 30th Anniversary of these historical games. Needless to say, The Summit in 1972 is a non-commercial venture. Therefore, no hockey league, no federation, no specific product, no political system are being intentionally endorsed by this site.

The Summit in 1972 is brought to you by chidlovski.com and, like everything else within this catchy domain name , this project presents strictly its author's point of view. Although the site showcases various statistics and complete game summaries, the commentary part is just a matter of its author's reflection on the Series.

Other than that, welcome to the site!


Arthur Chidlovski