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Featuring unforgettable moments of the 1972 Summit and more captured in educational mini web clips with commentaries and game analysis by guest speakers including legendary players, coaches and writers.
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 Go The Impressions section presents mini-articles about the Series and about players, coaches and key personalities involved in the 1972 Summit Series.


USSRCanadaComplete on-line rosters of Team Canada and USSR feature players' and coaches' biographies, career stats and highlights in addition to their individual 1972 Summit Series performance analysis.


Summit Stats Each game scoring and penalties' history, players on ice and MVPs and much more can be found in this section. In addition, on-line stats generator allows to review players and teams comparative performance analysis.


Besides major sections outlined above, the site presents a comprehensive list of references and links, provides project description and, of course, makes a desperate attempt to explain what this project is about.

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The Summit in 1972 Web Site

Dedicated to one of the greatest series ever played in the history of international hockey, the Summit in 1972 web site features a variety of information on the Series including hockey statistics, biographies, personal essays and much more.

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