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Craig Wallace is an expert on the history of the World Hockey Association and international hockey. Craig is a member of the Hockey Research Association. He also has had a life long interest in Father David Bauer and the "Nats" and the Canadian Football Leagues' Toronto Argonauts. He is a free lance writer for the CFL and the author of the book "A Slip in the Rain, The Toronto Argonauts and the Fumble into Oblivion." Craig lives in Toronto, Canada and can be reached at

Arthur Chidlovski was born and grew up in Moscow, Russia. His area of expertise includes history of Russian and international hockey. As a professional web developer, he is in charge of a technical support for the Summit in 1974 project. He is a member of the Hockey Research Association, Society For International Hockey Research and an author of award-winning The Summit in 1972, Hockey CCCP International and Hockey RetroSpective web sites. Arthur lives in Boston, USA and can be reached at

 Site Contributors

Mike Franzese is a dedicated researcher and historian of the World Hockey Association. Besides the WHA, his area of research includes the development of the international hockey. He owns a unique collection of various materials related to the top international hockey events. Mike lives in Connecticut, USA and can be reached at

Dan Ammann is one of the most prominent collectors and distributors of the "old time hockey" videos. His video collection features a variety of game masterpieces from 1950s to 1990s and can be accessed at Dan lives in California, USA and can be reached at

Besides being knowledgeable about Scandinavian hockey, Marcus Lindroos' specialty in hockey research is obscure North American leagues, players and game facts including info on US and European-born players. Dan lives in Abo, Finland and can be reached via his web site.





The Summit in 1974