The Summit in 1974

The Summit 1974 was the 2nd encounter between the top hockey superpowers of the 1970s. Watch mini web clips capturing unforgettable moments of the dramatic Summit Series 1972 and more. Requires Flash 6 player for viewing.


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The Summit in 1974

On September 17, 1974, Canadian Prime-Minister Pierre Trudeau dropped the puck for the ceremonial face off between Pat Stapleton, Team Canada, and Boris Mikhailov, Team USSR, marking the beginning of the '74 Summit Series. Very much like two years ago at the '72 Summit, the Series seemed to end with a predicatable result. Very much like two years ago, it turned into a dramatic hockey spectacle going well beyond initial predictions and expectations.

The Summit in 1974 project is a historical tribute to the hockey legends that participated in the 1974 Summit Series. Created truly by a Canadian-American-Russian group of authors, the site is our on-line attempt to capture information about the Series, about Canadian and Soviet players and about the impact that the Summit had on the development of hockey in North America and the World Hockey Association, Russia and in the world.

The Summit in 1974 is a non-commercial venture. We don't endorse neither a specific league or organization, nor a specific country or political system. It's rather an educational and historical overview of one of the top international hockey events of the 1970s. And, of course, it's about the "coolest game on Earth" - it's about hockey.

With all these said, we only want to add:

Go Canada! Go Russia! Go '74 Summit Series!

Happy browsing!


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The Summit in 1974