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Guess what... overall, I am a web nerd. But before I became addicted to this web thing, there were other facts of interest such as:

  • I was born and grew up in Moscow, Russia (at that time USSR) where I went to school, studied Dostoyevsky and Chechov, went to college, did sports; received a BS in Engineering and a BA degree in Theater Directing; in the late 1980's, I worked on Soviet Television making comedy TV shows in the style of the British Monty Python and American Saturday Night Live.and wrote, directed and performed comedy/variety/theater shows in Russia.
  • In 1991, I moved to the United States where I gained 50 extra pounds, grew mustache; received a MA degree in Mass Communications and Visual Arts from Emerson College in Boston, MA; produced, wrote and directed over 200 documentaries, corporate, educational and experimental videos, received various awards at national and international film/video festivals and exhibitions (not for all 200 of these productions, of course) and...
  • On some rainy day in 1994 (don't remember the date, unfortunately) fell in love with the new medium that people call the Internet.

Well, it's a little lie... It might sound good but it didn't happen at first sight. The Internet and the web were definitely an immature medium at that time compared to well established television and films. But there was a great potential in it and a really great feeling about the on-line community of enthusiasts involved in something that later became the Web. For me, it was a learning time when I realized that

  • Java is not a coffee, but a computer language
  • Mosaic is not a video effect, but a browser
  • Javascripting has nothing to do with film scriptwriting
  • HTML is not a barely pronounceable term from rocket science and
  • Graphic design can become somehow trickier than in films because of this web bandwidth

Anyway, that was the beginning. And the rest is the history. I became a web nerd, which in the Strictly Business section of my Digital Me-Mix I would call a web guru. The same thing but sounds nicer, huh?

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