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I hate to disappoint some of the visitors but Strictly Personal simply doesn’t have a lot of things one might expect to see on "personal" pages. There are no web cams, Freudian confessions and other age verification materials. Not that I am making a statement against this stuff on the web but Strictly Personal is simply not about IT.

I would have to say that it is a point-of-view (POV) type… Certainly, I don’t expect you to agree with everything that is said in Strictly Personal. In a way, it is completely opposite of the Strictly Business part of the Digital Me-Mix that is supposed to create a positive image of a hire-me-now web professional… I guess I would say that, if Strictly Business is about the result and complete confidence in final product, Strictly Personal is about the process and personal doubts while making this product. We are all human with our own bios, personal thoughts and daily or occasional experiments. We all have friends, inspirations and role models with their own web sites. Strictly Personal doesn’t speak for all of us. Remember how it was labeled before as an "extremely egocentric" site – well, it is. Finally, to my knowledge it is the only site about me. Please don't hesitate to prove that I am wrong.

Other than that, happy browsing and welcome to the Digital Me-Mix Strictly Personal!

Arthur R. Chidlovski

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