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Strictly Business section of this site is about business. It is a meeting point of two instances. The one that is in a desperate need for good web development skills supported by a great production portfolio. This instance is extremely supportive, generous and is definitely looking for cutting-edge web and new media techniques applied for their business. This instance is YOU.

The other instance has a great production portfolio and a decent list of skills and clients and industry awards and, what's more important, a desire to implement those for your needs and in your environment. Guess what... this instance is ME. Let's hope that Strictly Business will be this ideal place where these two instances meet each other.

Sometimes, the world is far from an ideal situation of YOU and ME. In many cases, it is much more complicated. Web today is becoming more and more sophisticated involving a serious team work of web designers and writers, content producers and database programmers, network and system administrators, marketing people and business managers. In this case, Strictly Business might offer you an idea how my experience can fit into your web development teamwork.

And, of course, in any case, feel free to contact me with your interesting projects and ideas. Let's create more quality dot-coms, dot-orgs and dot-nets.

Other than that, I am leaving you alone and let Strictly Business section of Digital Me-Mix talk for itself. Hope you have a good time and find it helpful.


Arthur R. Chidlovski